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Our mission at the Big Chair Chess Club is to teach the un-teachable, reach the un-reachable, and help others discover the power that comes from always thinking before they move.

For years, we have been helping inner city children and adults to see chess not only as a board game, but as a tool that can be used to take them places they never thought possible! While some may view chess as a simple game, we believe it is a tool that changes lives and teaches valuable life skills.

Whether on the board or in life, every single move you make has a consequence. By thinking before you move, you will open doors that can make any dream you have a reality.ion to grab your audience's attention...

What's throm Pawns to Kings is a compelling story that captures the personal struggles that father and son were challenged with being raised in the urban hood subculture.'  Their compelling narration illustrates the chagrin children face while growing up in seriously disadvantaged backgrounds.  It details their struggles, collectively having spent three decades of imprisonment. They are now able to articulate how they broke away from lifetimes of destructive thinking and their narcissistic pursuit of the social narcotic and drug abuse.  This inspirational story of honest self-reflection, examines the ‘urban hood subculture’ and the detriments it imposed on Eugene and Marco.s item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

     In the three years since the inception of our chess program, the game has become one of our most popular activities. To date, we have held six tournaments which though we’re not USCF sanctioned, met FIDE standards. We have also been honored with visits from Eugene Brown, the subject of the movie “Life of the King.”

     In the free world, the popularity of chess is increasing as well, and understandably so. Chess is more than a game. Its principles are well suited for developing and strengthening qualities use in everyday life. We of the Deathrow Gambit acknowledge this, recognizing the game of chess is a useful platform to convey information to the masses.

We are a family owned business, not a major corporate conglomerate. This means your happiness directly affects ours. When you are pleased as punch, we can sleep at night.

Even though we’re getting bigger, we still have small town service. If we ever lost a customer because of poor service, it would hurt the whole company. Everyone is dedicated to helping customers, in fact our policy is: employees have to get permission from a manager to say no to a customer.

We dedicate time in every area we service to helping the local community. We go to churches, schools, health clinics and volunteer, or local events and pitch in where we can. Our goal is to be a part of the community not just a company that makes money from it.

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